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The Purple Wall

By Bradley Arthur

The Purple Wall sculpture was commissioned by Amy Singer with the parameters that the artwork have the feel
of a Joan Miro painting combined with symbolic biographical imagery.
"I want the sculpture to relate to my personal background including the energy of the freedom of the
progressive zeitgeist from the times of our youth" (the late 60's /early 70's when both Amy and I lived in Miami Beach.)
Other key elements incorporated from her life include her children and grandchildren and a successful
professional career as a pioneer and expert trial consultant.
She wanted the whole wall to be full with expression & personal meaning.

With Amy’s full trust in my work I embraced the challenge of integrating these concepts structurally
and symbolically, into a large, coherent, light reflective metal wall sculpture.
The artwork needed to hold the tension, fluidity and gravitas of a life map but also have a free expressive spontaneous feel.
"I want the wall to have an engaging visual impact and when someone enters the space and sees it, I want them to feel it and say "WOW"

The process I usually go through during my art making experience begins with no preconceived ideas.
Then I let my curiosity expand by exploring the inherent potentialities of the raw materials
integrated with the vibrational energy of the present moment.
Intuitively with patience I work to capture the appropriate movement, balance and feel of the materials.
Listening experientially I let the flow of subtle energy in the moment letting the space and materials inform the direction the artwork manifests. Fortunately what emerges from this open playful discovery process, synchs well with Miro’s aesthetic.

The above pictures are a flat representation of the energy and presence the piece contains and emits.